Tiki is reliable

Tiki-Treiler frame is made of stainless galvanised steel. Wheel hubs of reliable German quality, towing head and leaf spring system with shock absorbers ensure long working life of the trailer even on bumpy roads. Trailers equipped with balance beam (type TL) exert minimum influence on the car, improving reliability and safety when passing through bumpy and slippery curves.

Tiki is practical

Trailers of three different body sizes and with two different axles are available. The capacity of the trailer may be increased by adding sideboards (height: 30 cm), glass-fibre cover, or a tent of different colour, protecting the load from heavy rain and snow. A frame for transporting of small rowboats or scooters can be attached to our trailers. For the transportation of larger boats, we offer special boat trailers.

TIKI is easy to use

Front and rear boards of the trailer can be removed, which allows to transport cargo exceeding the dimensions of the trailer. The trailer’s cargo body can be tilted in order to facilitate loading and unloading. When the body is tilted, it is also easy to drive a snowmobile or other vehicle onto it or back down again. Optional support wheel keeps the cargo body in horizontal position and facilitates attachment of heavily loaded trailer to the car’s towing hook.

Tiki is safe

All Tiki-Treiler trailers comply with EC technical requirements and are type-approved by the Estonian National Vehicle Registry. Boards of the trailers are equipped with outside hooks and inside loops for attachment of the cargo – if these hooks and loops are used, correct distribution of weight between the trailer’s axle and the car’s towing hook is ensured, and the cargo arrives at the destination perfectly intact.